What is the Best Time to Organize a Contest?

By now, you have well understood that a contest or giveaway allows you to bring more traffic to your blog and new subscribers to your social media pages. But as in all things, there is a time for everything. One might think that all opportunities are good to please and spoil readers.

That is right; however, choosing the right time gives you a leg up when approaching brands. Here is a list of good moments to hold a giveaway.

  • Your blog’s anniversary: Your blog is celebrating its first year? Great! Take the opportunity to organize a giveaway and thank your loyal readers for their commitment.
  • You have reached 500 fans (on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram).
  • The holiday season is approaching? Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the perfect time to spoil your readers.
  • Your own birthday! It might be your birthday, but your readers will appreciate you thinking of them on this special day!
  • Father’s Day, Mother’s day or any similar celebration. In addition to offering them an amazing shopping selection, take the opportunity to hold a giveaway!
  • A brand contacted you to offer you a product? Great, ask for a second item and save one for your readers. That way, everybody wins (and is happy)!

You are now ready to organize a contest on your blog!

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