How To Promote your Giveaway On Your Blog

You feel ready, you found the perfect prize, your blog post is written, but you still have a question: How can I promote my giveaway? It is easy, let us explain!

  • Write about it! The contest will run on your blog, so it is only natural to write an article that’s dedicated to it!
  • Share it on social media. Posts are liked, shared and commented on: this will add visibility to your giveaway. Also, create a specific #hashtag for the giveaway so people can click!

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  • On Facebook and Twitter, activate the “Pin to Top” option. This places your giveaway post at the top of the page, so it will be the first thing your fans see.

pin to top EN

  • Do you have a newsletter? Use it to share your articles and events, and to announce your giveaway to your subscribers.
  • Talk about it. Your friends and family can help you! If you ask them, they can share your giveaway on their social networks!

Do you want more engagement and viral marketing? Use Hellowave! With our tool, participants need to take action to increase their chances of winning. You can choose among 14 actions: referring a friend, following your page on Twitter, subscribing to a newsletter, watching a YouTube video, following your page on Instagram, filling in a survey…

Do you have other contest-sharing solutions? Do not hesitate to comment below!

Good luck!

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