Why Should You Hold a Giveaway On Your Blog?

Today, we will talk about the many good reasons to launch a giveaway. The first reason is, obviously, to treat your readers! However, it is not the only advantage.

Here are some other good reasons to hold a contest.

  • Thanking your community for being here for you. You write for your readers! A giveaway is the best way to keep their loyalty.
  • Making your community grow. According to your chosen terms for your giveaway, you can make your online community grow faster by increasing your number of fans on social media and different platforms.
  • Recruiting new subscribers. With Hellowave, select the “Subscribe to the newsletter” condition to increase your database.
  • Increasing virality. If the prize is appealing and you chose the right participation conditions, virality can be very high. This will allow you to reach new readers and participants!
  • Developing a strong relationship with brands. If a brand offers you a prize to giveaway, we recommend you maintain contact with it, to elaborate future collaborations!

Good luck!

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