How Much Does It Cost To Organize a Giveaway In Quebec?

Organizing a giveaway can generate costs, according to the way you choose to create it. Fortunately, you can reduce and cut some. But others are unavoidable. Here’s a few tips!

You can control the fees for…

The prize

The key to success is your prize. You can buy it or create it on your own. You can also collaborate with a brand, which would offer the prize in exchange for visibility on your platform!

The delivery charges

Do not forget to take the delivery charges into account when planning your giveaway. If you are collaborating with a brand or a company, you can ask them to take charge of the delivery as a part of the collaboration. Be sure to follow up with them to ensure the prize has been sent!

However, costs related to the compliance with existing legislation are unavoidable. In the province of Québec, keep in mind that there is no cost if the prize does not exceed a $100 value. Otherwise, read this document (ACT RESPECTING LOTTERIES, PUBLICITY CONTESTS AND AMUSEMENT MACHINES) to learn more about how to comply with the law. A person for whom a publicity contest is carried on, in which the total value of the prize(s) offered exceeds $100, must pay to the board, at the same time as sending the form provided in section 59, the following duties:

  • 10% of the value of a prize offered to contestants from Québec exclusively,
  • 3% of the value of a prize offered to a group of contestants from Canada exclusively, when that group includes contestants from Québec,
  • 0.5% of the value of a prize offered to any other group of contestants including contestants from Québec.

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