How to Pick the Winner(s) of a Giveaway?

Organizing a giveaway is not as easy as you’d think, especially when it comes to the stage of the random draw. How can one draw from a large pool of participants?

Although you have many possibilities, most of them are long and complex. Among these is to use To begin, you will have to enter the number of participants that have entered your contest. For example, in the image below, the number of participants is 250. The system will then generate a random draw. In this case, the winner is the 195th participant. You would now have to count all of your comments and find the 195th participant to know the name of the winner.


Another alternative is to create an Excel table and use different formulas according to the shares on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest that people did. This option is incredibly lengthy and complicated. To better understand how it works, please read this article. Know that there are also other ready-made Excel sheets which you can download.

However, the simplest and fastest solution is to simply use our hellowave tool!

pick the winner

Hellowave draws the lot for you. You only have to click “Pick the winner”, and it works on its own! It will automatically account for all the “actions” taken by the participants and find a winner.

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